Marble Borneo Short-Tailed

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The “Marble Blood Python” or “Marble Borneo” is one of the very few variations available in Borneo Short-Tailed Pythons, Python curtus breitensteini. Prior to their production here at Roussis Reptiles, the Marble Borneo existed in very limited quantities in only a few collections, and was not well known by the general public. In May of 1998 we purchased a pair of Marble hatchlings from Keith McPeek. We was so impressed with these animals and confident that there was much potential for them, we sought to purchase all we could find, and subsequently bought a group of sub-adults from a different bloodline bred by Tim Mead. We have since crossed bred the two bloodlines producing some of the most outstanding specimens we have seen to date, and recently we have created the Super Ball by crossing the Marble Borneo with Python regius. We am confident the future holds much more for this mutation.

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