Spider Pied

The Spider Pied Aka Spied was first introduced by Roussis Reptiles in 2006. This was a ground-breaking year for Roussis Reptiles and Pied combos. During that time there were only one or two other Piebald combos in existence.  This co-dominant recessive morph combination had a unique and very unexpected outcome that surprised the Ball Python world. This all-white snake with a brightly colored Spider head had a look no other reptile has ever displayed. At the time seasoned breeders were skeptical and speculating that the first Spied was a random high white expression of the combo and that subsequent offspring would be produced with the typical variation of pied markings with spider patterning. However, soon after we hatched multiple Spieds all displaying a Spider head only pattern on an all-white Piebald body.   Subsequent breeding produced more unexpected results with the hatching of the “The White Wedding” an all-white Pied with black eyes, and multiple variations of the Spied where the snakes exhibit varying degrees of melanin on the top of the head giving the appearance of a toupee, or beanie as well as the “Phantom of the Opera” and “Pirate Patch” head marking versions. This morph continues to mesmerize all who see it for the first time and we are proud to have created it.