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The Pastel morph has easily grown into a great addition to any collection. First produced by N.E.R.D. in 1997, the Pastel has since been crossed into many other mutations, creating designer morphs such as the Bumblebee, Killerbee, Pewter Pastel, and Hypo. Pastel. When a Pastel is bred to another Pastel, 1 in 4 eggs should be Super Pastel, the dominant form of Pastel, a much more intense version featuring stronger blushing and brighter colors.

Roussis Reptiles is currently working with several Pastel Ball Pythons, including the banded high-yellow line produced from one of our unique Banded females, and should produce a nice quantity of Pastels, Pastel Het. Albinos, and Pastel Het. Piebalds in the near future.

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