Posted July 27th, 2013

Twining In Ball Pythons

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Twin Super Pastel Pied & Super Pastel Het Pied

Twin Super Pastel Pied & Pastel Pied - Ball Python

Twin Ghost Het Pied

Twin Ghost HP - Ball Python

This is our second set of twins for the 2013 breeding season. We have hatched 5 sets of twins over the years. The first picture is an egg shared by a super pastel piebald male and pastel het piebald female, suggesting they are dizygotic or “fraternal” twins meaning that they started out as two separate eggs, fertilized by different sperm and are shelled together as opposed to monozygotic or “identical” twins, meaning that they started out as one egg that split into to embryos. The second egg contains two Ghost Het Piebald Ball Pythons. It will be a few days before we get to find out which kind of twins that are in the egg containing the Ghost Het Pieds. In our experience the twins are typically half the size of a normal hatchling but catch up after time.

Twin Brother & Sister Super Pastel Pied & Super Pastel Het Pied out of the egg
twin super pastel piebald and pastel piebald - ball python

Our first set of twins from many years ago.

twin albino ball pythons 1

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