2023 Ivory Blue Tongue Skink X821022816

Our Northern and Eastern Blue Tongue Skinks are housed and bred in our state-of-the-art facility and feature the most vibrant and apparent patterns. The Ivory Blue Tongue skink is a recessive mutation of blue tongue skinks, giving this lizard its ivory blue tongue skink name. Incredibly, as a baby this skink starts out white with orange and pink patterning. This patterning quickly turns to an iridescent pearl white as it grows older and with each shed.

Need to know how to care for a Northern blue tongue skink first? Click here! You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy these amazing lizards are to care for. Simply looking for a provider of prepared skink food that doesn’t need supplements? Try Repashy! By following the Blue Tongue Skink care page link, you can also find out about or breeding protocols.


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