Before purchasing any animal from Roussis Reptiles, or if you have already purchased an animal from us, we encourage you to read the following.

GUARANTEES: All animals are guaranteed to be healthy, feeding and properly sexed unless otherwise agreed upon. If you are not satisfied with your shipment for any reason we will replace any animal for the cost of the return freight, or refund your money if notified within 24 hours of receipt. After 24 hours of the shipment’s arrival, we assume no further liabilities.

SHIPPING: All animals will be shipped airfreight collect to the nearest commercial airport unless otherwise agreed upon. CITES permits are required for any International Orders. Shipments must be picked-up from the airline within 2 hours of its arrival. Shipments must be opened and inspected by you immediately at the airline’s facility to insure against theft or accidental death. If a problem exists, you must alert the airlines and Roussis Reptiles of the problem immediately.

PAYMENT/DEPOSITS: Payment is required in advance by check, money order, wire transfer. Due to the rarity of certain species and morphs produced here, a 20% deposit is recommended to reserve such animals in short supply. Payment must be received within 30-days of the time the animal becomes available. If payment is not received before the 30-day period has ended, the buyer will FORFEIT the entire deposit and the animals will be sold. Deposits are -Refundable only if we cannot provide you with your specific order. Prices quoted are for individual animals based on the purchase of sexual pairs. Prices may vary for single males or additional females. Quantity discounts are available for some species only.

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