Albino Piebald

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The classic Albino Pied, two great morphs that go great together, we should have named this “The Reese’s”.  One of our greatest accomplishments, Roussis Reptiles was the first to produce the Albino Piebald Ball Python back in 2006 when double recessive morph combinations were extremely rare. Albinos and Piedbalds are still  the most popular and well know Ball Python morphs making this combination undoubtedly a heavy weight in the industry and still one of the most sought after morphs in the Ball Python trade to date.

With one in sixteen odds from a double het to double het breeding, creating an Albino Pied from scratch requires a lot of patience and perseverence. We had started this project back  in 2000 mating a Pied to an Albino…..7 years later we hatched the first Albino Pied. We have thought about adding other morphs to this combo but its perfect just the way it is.

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