Welcome to Roussis Reptiles, the website dedicated to reptile enthusiasts searching for the best reptiles in the world. Here you will find the most diverse and unique collection of Ball Pythons, Blood Pythons, Blood Python X Ball Python Hybrids – known as “Superballs”, and Blue Tongue Skinks, as well as all the information, photos, and guidance you need to assist you with the husbandry and reproduction of these rare and exotic animals.

Here at Roussis Reptiles, we have spent many years developing the most varied and exceptional collection of Ball Python (python regius) morphs in world. Specializing in multiple recessive combinations, we have the most extensive collection of piebald morph combinations on the planet.

The Blood Python, or “Short-Tail Python”, has been a favorite of ours for years and we are continuously working with the latest cutting edge Blood Python color and pattern morphs.

Roussis Reptiles is proud to have successfully hybridized the Ball Python and the Blood Python species, forming the “Superball” and its various derivatives while exploring all new territory in designer snake genetics and opening the doors to a world of new genetic morph and mutation possibilities.

Roussis Reptiles is also very excited to be working with an elite group of Blue Tongue Skink mutations, both tiliqua scincoides and tiliqua gigas, some of which are exclusive to Roussis Reptiles.

Please visit our “About” page for more information on our company or to read more about our exciting projects.

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