Pastel Piebald

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The Pastel Piebald is a co-dom recessive morph combination, we produced it in 2005 along with The Snake Keeper. After missing the odds on multiple clutches, our luck changed with the second to last clutch of the season, from a 5 egg clutch of  Pastel het Pied x het Pied, out came one of our prized possessions one of the first Pastel Pieds. You can imagine the excitement and joy that was felt on that Labor Day holiday in 2005, when we discovered this beautiful Pastel Pied had hatched and it was a male.  This male has grown up and in 2008 had sired the first Super Pastel Pied or “Killer Pied“,  a stunning lemon yellow Piebald, creating a greater demand for the already sought after Pastel Pied.

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